Friendships Happen

What’s the secret of a long lasting friendship?

Lots of books have been written, lots of theories sprouted, lots of bullshit spoken

At the end of the day, there really is no formula, no solution

So how do we make friends?


When we are children, we become friends with kids in our school or kids in the neighbourhood.

But if you really go deep into these relationships, you will find they are more playmates than friends.

Once you move house or go away for studying, you lose all contacts with them and your once best friend becomes a virtual and total stranger.


What about schools and colleges?

You make a lot of friends during your school and college days (well unless you are an epic introvert of course). Most of these friendships come up because of shared interests.

But in time, people’s interests change and they get busy with jobs, partners and children.

And then you lose those friendships and develop close acquaintance with colleagues.


That is life


But in spite of all that, sometimes friendships survive.

Like it has survived in my case

I have two friends – I have been friends with one for thirty years and the other for fifteen.


And this despite having very few things in common.


Why am I friends with Anindya Bera?

Well, our relationship started way back three decades earlier when we were both in section A of class Nursery One in Nava Nalanda High School.

The words chalk and cheese are apt to describe our nature. He is everything good that a human being can be – kind, generous, dignified, confident, responsible, honest, financially prudent etc. I have no hesitation in saying that he is the best man I have ever known, while I am me.

And despite that, and for whatever reason known to him, he has been taking care of me all this time.


Then there is the Great Indian Chunkubaaz

The Great Indian Chunkubaaz is brilliant, the Great Indian Chunkubaaz is a semi genius, the Great Indian Chunkubaaz is charismatic, the Great Indian Chunkubaaz is rich, the Great Indian Chunkubaaz is tall, the Great Indian Chunkubaaz is a Manchester United fan, the Great Indian Chunkubaaz has four and a half strands of beard and the Great Indian Chunkubaaz is a notorious seducer of Boudis.

So how come he is friends with me?

Me, the doubloonless virgin midget Chelsea fan with a beard that puts Gimli to shame and with the charisma of mashed potato and the IQ of a boiled egg?

It all started due to DX and despite the odds – and the copious quantities of hair gel – have survived till date.


It probably should not have, seeing as we are vastly different people.


But that’s friendship, no formula, no rhyme, no reason.

Just like shit, it happens.

And thank Ctulhu that it does.

Because without friends, all we are left with is vodka.


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