Stand and Fight

Imagine the early medieval age in North India.

The Turkish overlords are running rampant all over the North raping and killing Hindus.

Guru Nanak starts a peaceful cult, which grows and becomes hugely popular over the next few decades. The Turks start hunting down the Sikhs.

What do Guru Arjun, Teg Bahadur, Banda Singh, Guru Nanak et all do?

They run away


Imagine the early medieval age in Rajputana.

Great Emperor Akbar is conquering everything in sight. He comes us to south Rajasthan.

What does Maharana Pratap do?

He runs away


Now imagine the late medieval period in central and western India.

The great secular Aurangzeb is butchering his way through the Deccan. He reaches the new Maratha kingdom.

What does the Maratha king Shivaji do?

He runs away.


Imagine the late 18th century in France.

Queen Mary Magdalene just told the people to eat cake. So what do the proletariat do?

They run away.


Imagine the same period, but this time the setting is the British colonies in the new world. The British Parliament just raised taxes on the colonists. So what do the colonists do?

They run away.


Fast forward a couple of decades.

Monsieur Bonaparte is running roughshod all over Europe. He launches a great navy to defeat Britain.

What does Admiral Nelson do?

He runs away.


Lets go the middle of the 19th century. Abraham Lincoln declares that slavery should be abolished. The southern states declare their independence and break away from the Unites States.

What does the North do?

They run away.


Fast forward a hundred years.

Herr Hitler spreads his evil ideology and slowly starts taking over the world. He conquers western and central Europe and then invades Russia.

So what do the Russians do?

They run away.


So can you imagine all that?

Imagine the state of the this earth now if all those people had run away.

But they didn’t. They stood and fought. They persevered.

They sacrificed their lives and fought for their countries.

And the world is a better place for it.


And then there are the Syrians.


Europe is reeling because of migration on par with the last ice age. Syrian people in record number are running off to specific parts of Europe, thereby changing the demographics of those places forever.

Naturally, because of the perilous nature of the journey, hundreds are dying.

And we are constantly being bombarded with messages and images exhorting us to open our houses and our purses for these people.


Now, we as humans, need to do everything in our power to help the women and children; there is no doubt, no question, no issue about that.


But for the young men?

If you check out the images of the refugees going to Germany, you will see that the vast majority are young men, only a small percentage is made up of families.


So whole host of questions are there.

  1. If the young men are cowards and run away from their country, then who exactly will stand and fight the evil?
  2. The vast majority of those running away are young men. That logically and naturally means that the vast majority of women are left behind. So is it safe for the women back in Syria and only dangerous for the men? The young men are leaving behind their mothers, their sisters, their friends behind and running away and we are supposed to help these cowards?
  3. Why is it the responsibility of only Europe to preserve “humanity” and help these guys? What about the rich Arab nations of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE? What about their humanity? Or is it that because these nations are “secular”, they have no responsibility, no need for humanity?
  4. What about security? How can anyone vouchsafe about the nature of all these young men? What if they are IS sympathizers and agents hell bent on destruction?
  5. All these young men are not going to sit idle. They are going to clamor for jobs. And that will put them in direct conflict against the youth of the host countries. Unemployment and poverty will rise.
  6. When these guys don’t get jobs, what will they do to survive? Turn to crime.


So what is to be done?

Women and children have to be taken to a place of safety and given every help and opportunity to lead a dignified life.

Those young men however, cannot be allowed to seek asylum or refugee status.

They have to be forced t ogo back to their country and fight.

They have to fight and liberate Syria from IS.

No one else can do it, no one else should do it.


And that is why I have nothing but respect for the Kurdish who are making a stand, who are fighting the evil.

They also deserve all the help and support from the world.


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