Scum of the Earth

People use the words ‘scum of the earth’ a lot.

They use it to describe ISIS or Al Qaeda or the British Tory party (only the Commies call them that) or the British Labour party (only the Tories call them that).

Of course, my so called “friends” from CIEFL occasionally call me scum of the earth as well. They are my “friends” after all and they “care” for me.

The whole world can agree that in general Bangladeshis are scum. We can also all agree that pedophiles, gang rapists, poachers and dog killers are scum.


But, let me tell you about a Non Bangladeshi, non criminal who is proudly working to make that sobriquet all of his won.

Let me tell you about a man called Martin Shkreli.

Martin Shkreli is a hedge fund manager. He owns a startup – Turin Pharmaceuticals.

In August of this year, Turin Pharmaceuticals acquired Daraprim.

What is Daraprim?

Darprim is the brand name for the generic drug pyrimethamine. It was first developed in the 1940s by the ancestors of current pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline.

It is used to treat toxoplasmosis.

What is toxoplasmosis?

It is a rare infection. It strikes both wee babies whose mothers are infected and adults whose immune systems have become a dog’s breakfast due to Aids and cancer.

Its often fatal (the disease, not the drug).

It is also sometimes used to treat malaria

Now, till August, the drug was priced $13.50 per pill.

After acquiring it, Mr Scum raised it to $750 per pill.

I suck at mathematics but I think that’s almost a 5000% rise.

For a pill which is essential, life saving and which patients need to take at least once daily.

Mr. Scum claims that all that increased revenue and profit would go into maintaining the research and development of new drugs that Turin is currently taking part in.

However, poster Canary Simon has presented this

“A search on – the FDA public registry of clinical trial activity – shows Turing Pharmaceuticals have zero products in development. This does not tally with the development pipeline shown on Turing Pharmaceutical’s own website or the statements made by Shkreli. Either Shkreli is being untruthful about his company’s ambitions or he is hiding research from the regulatory authorities. A further interesting tactic from this person.”

Read this for further proof the scuminess of the Mr. Scum.


So there you have it folks

A bonafide scum.

A reprehensible human being.

But think about it folks.

Is he really that different from all the other hedge fund managers and profiteers?


They all do it.

The lure and greed of more and more and more money has turned this world into a pathetic mess.

And the people to blame for that are the people who run these businesses, these systems – the Politicians, the Economists and the MBAs.


The world needs teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, the world needs its writers, its artists and entertainers, the world needs its architects and engineers…and because human beings are by nature bastards, the world needs its lawyers and policemen and firemen.

The world most definitely does not need the economists and MBAs.



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