Porking the Porker and then telling Porkies

This little piggy went to the market,

This little piggy stayed at home,

This little piggy had bread and butter,

And this little piggy got Cameroned



Oh David

What have thou done?

Or more pertinently Who?

In ancient times Davids used to roam around ‘like a boss’ being all heroic and killing all Goliaths (and other random Sodomites and Palestinians).

In modern times Davids used to rule sports and beat lesser teams.

And then there is Cameron.

In ancient times, rulers of Britain used to go around with druids pulling swords out of stones and beating up Romans (while their wives badoinkadoinked with Lancelots)

Then their rulers used to cower behind tables while the Vikings did all Vikingy things

Then their rulers became French.

Then their rulers got their heads chopped off by Cromwell.

And then their rulers got their jollies off by raping, pillaging, plundering and starving us Indians.

Then their ruler stopped all their industries and instead made Britain a land of bankers.

Then they attacked Iraq

And then there is Cameron.

Oh Cameron, how could you?

You see good people, a new book has come out, and it has come out with some sordid details.

The new book alleges that Mr. Cameron, in a fit of youthful vim and vigor, porked a porker.

An innocent porker

Oh Cameron

Out of all the places in the world, you had to put your willie in a pig’s mouth?

Why Cameron why?

At least the poor pig was dead and so did not have to suffer this indignity.

But think about its spirit, its eternal shame, its eternal torment.

This is nothing short of cruelty to animals and a thorough expensive investigation needs to be done to get down to the bottom of the mystery.

Its another sign that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Just look at its leaders –

we have a pot smoking Canadian,

we have Donald the Trump,

we have Vlad the Impaler

we have Signor Bunga Bunga,

we have RaGa,

we have Mama Markel who just destroyed the glorious nation of Germany,

we have Tsipras the Commie who destroyed the glorious nation of Greece,

we have the Venezuelan doofus who ran his country out of beer,

and we have Cameron with a penchant for piggies

The world is doomed

Its up to us to save it


Step 1 – Stop killing mammals

Step 2 – Be a nudist



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