Water on Mars

Have you been following the news?

As Rhys James jokingly put it

Running water found on mars,

Protests at cereal bars,

The Moon is turning blood red,

Cameron boned a pig head,



Billions of dollars, billions of dollars, billions of dollars!

That’s what NASA spent

To find water on Mars

And finally they found it.


Well, they actually didn’t see the water, they just found evidence that once upon a time there was water and that even today there might be some small flows underneath the surface.

What NASA’s discovery of liquid water on Mars really means—in the words of NASA scientists

Where does the water come from?

NASA says that they don’t know where the water in these hydrated salts come from.  The leading hypotheses are that
(1) the salts are sucking up the water from the atmosphere, but there isn’t much water in the atmosphere, and
(2) that the water is coming from the subsurface.
Mars had liquid water on its surface billions of years ago. Where that water went is the subject of our current investigations. Was it lost to space? Or is it frozen in the crust today? Mars seems to have ice ages when water at the poles is sublimated and redistributed to the rest of the planet. Ice in the crust today may have been formed during one of those ice age cycles.
3. Its all Matt Damon’s pee.


As we all know, water = possibility of life

So its all bout searching for life.

Mars ain’t the only one though

NASA is searching for water and life on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn as well


The search for alien life in in full flow.


In the meantime though, the genocide of all non human life here on planet earth continues unabated.


So that begs the question, why search for life on other planets when we can’t take care of life on our own planet?


Man’s greed knows no bounds – and it is ironic (in an Alanis Morrisette way) that the so called educated intellectuals are the greediest.

The poor care only of their survival. They know how to live with nature in a sustainable fashion.

Its the rich, the educated, the intellectuals who is forever running after more money, more property.

And its non-human life on earth that’s paying a heavy price.


If there is life on Mars or Jupiter or Saturn or even on Uranus, the smart thing they have to, they need to do is to build giant shields or other defensive radars and stop humans from reaching the place.

Because let’s face it, the deadliest virus known to man is man.

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