End of an Era

The end is nigh people.

The institutions are crumbling

The foundations are tumbling

The times they are a changing


This is the dinosaur meteor thing once again.

The world as we know it is about to change – and change for the worse.


One of the icons of the world is metamorphosing

Playboy is going to stop publishing nude pictures of women/pictures of nude women.




Apparently, its not profitable any more, given the easy and free availability of online material.

So once again, we have a situation where the greed for money, the lust for profits have overcome all social responsibilities.

Its a bad day

A sad day

A tragedy in every imaginable way.

You see, Playboy was not merely a magazine, it was more.

It – Mr. Hugh Heffner – was the path breaker.

Playboy challenged the Victorian antiquarian ideas of ¬†morality, women’s rights etc.

In fact, Playboy was more of a feminist icon (not a feminazi one obviously). The magazine, more than anyone else of that time, hammered home the idea that a woman’s body is her own and she can do whatever she wants with it – its not her father’s property, not her husband’s property, not society’s property.

Playboy gave rise to a whole industry and provided employment for hundreds of thousands of people – especially women – over the years.

Not anymore.

Moreover, Playboy gave millions of boys their first glimpse of a woman’s body (all that airbrushing notwithstanding). It was educational and it was entertaining.

Basically Playboy was the first in the infotainment industry.

Playboy was art, a continuation of thousands of years worth of practice of worshiping and appreciation of the woman’s form .

Playboy was anthropological – just follow the centerfolds from the 1950s to the current ones and you get a visual commentary on the changes that the world went through.


But all that’s now gone, sacrificed at the altar of modern economics.

And the world is already worse for it.


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