Ban Lawyers

Society is supposed to act for the good of all, or at least for the good of the majority.

That’s why society was created in the first place.

Ancient cave man figured out that going mano y sabre tooth tigero was a sure fire way of committing hara kiri.

But going mucho mano y sabre tooth tigero meant security, food and a lovely furry pelt that keeps out the cold and attracts the ladies.

And so society was born. And then it grew and grew and grew.

Theoretically, everyone plays a part in society.

We have the teachers, the architects, the doctors, the nurses, the artisans, the farmers, the miners, the laborers, the cleaners, the firemen, the police, the soldiers, the merchants, the traders, the clerks etc.

The only thing common to all of them is that they all contribute to society.


And then there are the lawyers.

Lawyers, by their very nature and job description, revel in your misery.

The more miserable you are, the more misfortune you have, the happier the lawyers.

And so here is what I propose

Ban the Lawyers


You ask why?

What have the lawyers done that’s so bad?


Here’s an example

Man goes to park

Man falls asleep in park.

Fruit (pine cone) from tree falls on man’s head

Man is injured

Man’s lawyer sues the US government, the National Park Service, the Department of the Interior and San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park


In their unquenchable thirst for a quick buck, lawyers have stooped so low that they are now basically suing the government for not controlling nature.

Oh the humanity


Of course, not all lawyers are bad. There are some who do pro bono work and help the poor. The company/business lawyers serve their paymasters to the best of their ability and since modern business basically entails both parties trying to cheat the fuck out of each other, they need their business lawyers to save their arses.


But, if Mr. Modi is to be blamed for the actions of people remotely and only superficially related to his profession and Mr. Dhoni is to be blamed for Virat Kohli not being able to score or our pace bowlers’ inability to comprehend the concept of lines and non short pitch deliveries….

Then all lawyers are equally culpable for the actions of its members.


Ban them all.

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