Trigger Happy

You know a group of people whom I really loath?



Or more precisely trophy hunters – like that dentist who killed Cecil the lion – for whom shooting animals is a game.

So, when the tables turn and karma spanks a hunter’s ass, it fills me with ecstasy.

We all know karma works in mysterious ways

Now she decided to work through Trigger the dog.


Allie Carter took her dog Trigger and her gun to go shoot some water fowl. She put down her gun on the ground, the gun was loaded and its safety was off.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Authorities say it was an accident and no action will be taken against Trigger.

Donald the Trump and people of his ilk aren’t buying that – it was a ‘black’ Labrador after all.

They are looking for answers

Have they tested Trigger for drugs? Did Carter have a life insurance policy naming Trigger as the sole beneficiary? Was there a history of abuse in the relationship? Has Trigger been brainwashed and indoctrinated by ISIS or saffronised by Yoga practitioners?

Of course, the liberals are investigating whether it was an act of self defense.

How old was Trigger? Was Carter taking him into the woods to put him down? Was Carter digging a shallow grave when she put the gun down?  Trigger saw his chance and took it.


The Nation wants to know


Of course, matters have been complicated by Trigger’s refusal to testify or answer any questions posed by the journalists.

This is a matter which calls for a specialist investigator – somebody call Scooby Doo.

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