A Kind Word is like a Thousand Balms

You might have an idea that my life has gone a bit nucking futs. Most of my organs have joined the Aam Aadmi Party and have gone on permanent dharnas – they have more or less stopped working.

However, I am not completely worthless yet. I am like a manna from heaven for those involved in the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry.

And of course, my condition is music to the ears for those who do not like/hate me.


Happiness, joy or even satisfaction is at an ebb….though it hasn’t yet reached the nadir like levels of post Jimbo murder days.

But the pain sometimes becomes a bit too much.

And so, when something positive happens which might be normal and ordinary in the course of things, for me they become much more meaningful.


Two such things happened

First, my very dear dear friend Jyotika contacted me out of the blue after a very long time

That made me so so so happy

And then my dear friend Bharat Barki sent me this message

“I sincerely hope that your pain goes away Bishwak. I know you bro, you are the most compassionate person I have come across despite all the pain you continue to give love and try to alleviate others pain, trying hard to forget your own. Your pain will go away bro. Let me know how I can be of help to you and help each other in the process.”

Thank you so much brother.

I am blushing like a brinjal (aubergine)


Jyotika’s mails and Bharat’s words have made me feel better than any meds can ever do.


And that my dear people, is the power of a kind word or gesture.

So, be kind, be compassionate; am not talking about being kind to me, be kind and compassionate in general to everybody. It costs nothing, but it has the power to lift someone from their nadir.


Thanks also to Keerti and Anila for your kind words, really appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “A Kind Word is like a Thousand Balms

    1. Weellll, if you really want to help, get a morphine dealership and send unlimited free sample 🙂 ……but in all seriousness, I feel its all futile, but thank you so much for the kind offer my dear legendary sir


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