Its Good to be J

I was watching the latest season of Modern Family – you know that American comedy series that keeps on winning all those Emmys.

And I was thinking that Jay Pritchett – the patriarch of the whole damn family – has got himself a pretty sweet life.

Its good to be Jay.

And that brought me to the letter J.

I think its the best alphabet of them all.

The Js fill our hearts with joy, our souls with justice, our bellies with Jilebies and make our hands busy by jerking.

The J’s have given us so much, and have made humanity what it is today.

So here’s a list of all the great Js.


  1. Jabronee – The best insult in professional wrestling, coined by the Rock
  2. Jabberwocky – Lewis Carroll’s immortal character
  3. Jackson (Michael) – Singing sensation
  4. Jack Nicholson – “You can’t handle the truth”
  5. Jackie Chan – Truly one in a billion
  6. Jagadish Chandra Bose – One of the world’s greatest scientists –
  7. Jaguar (the car) – Its a Jag
  8. Jambuban/Jambabhan – India’s first doctor and the reason Laxman got resurrected – most importantly, a bear
  9. James Bond
  10. James Watt – The man who made the Industrial Revolution possible
  11. Jamaica – weed, reggae, hedonism
  12. Jane Goodall – A jewel among humans, her work with primates is awe inspiring
  13. Janine Lindemulder – first woman pornstar with extensive tattoos
  14. Jantar Mantar – ancient archaeological marvel
  15. January – the best month out there, its cold
  16. Japan – do we really need an explanation?
  17. Jason Bourne
  18. Jatayu –
  19. Jeff Bridges -The Dude
  20. Jenna Jameson – favorite pornstar of the masses during the 1990s
  21. Jerking – we all do it, we all love doing it
  22. Jerome K Jerome – the author of the funniest book ever – Three Men on a Boat
  23. Jesus
  24. Jilebi – a magical sweet dish
  25. Jim Parsons – Dr. Sheldon Cooper
  26. JK Rowling – Pottermania is running wild
  27. Joan of Arc – The first French who did not surrender; so naturally the French got scared – a French who does not surrender!! Sacre Bleu!! Mon Dieu!!! Must be the Devil!!! Let’s burn her
  28. Jobs – a necessary evil, coz they give us doubloons
  29. Jodhpur – home of the best fort in India
  30. Joints – without them, we will be worms
  31. Johnny Depp -Savvy?
  32. John Terry – Mr. Chelsea
  33. Joker – the third best cartoon character out there (and the best one DC has ever produced) after Deadpool and Wolverine
  34. Johann Sebastian Bach – One of the greatest composers of all time
  35. Johannes Kepler – Solved the mystery of the planets, laws of planetary motion
  36. Johnson and Johnson – you are born and then you encounter their baby oil and soaps and stuff
  37. Jokes – where will we be without them
  38. Djokovich – the best tennis player out there (the D is silent)
  39. Jordan Michael – His Airness
  40. Jose Mourinho – The Special One
  41. Joy
  42. Jubba the Hut – the best character from Star Wars (plus he looks like me)
  43. Judges- An integral part of the justice system
  44. Jules Verne – father of science fiction
  45. Julius Ceaser
  46. Jujitsu – best martial art
  47. Jungle – where will be
  48. Jury – a great safety measure to prevent miscarriage of justice
  49. Justice – a mythical concept, but one which is still believed by everyone


And last but not the least, Jyotika Khullar – the most bold, brave, courageous, valiant, indomitable, resolute and resilient girl I have had the privilege to meet. Its an honour to be considered as her friend.


2 thoughts on “Its Good to be J

    1. Its the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me vodka. I may be a fat ugly envious hypochondriac stupid whiny moaning dunderhead who keeps pissing people off, but one thing I am not is a liar. You are simply the most courageous and resilient person I know, that added to your warmth,. generosity, intelligence and kindness makes you a gem of a person, and one who deserves to be appreciated and accoladed.


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