More Bang for the Baht

The world needs to smile again.

And so Cheapo will give you the reason to smile.

Cheapo will tell you about the latest “shopping deal” offered by the good people of Bangkok.

And who among us can really resist a good deal.

The runners certainly could not.

They signed up for the half marathon.

A half marathon is for 13 miles or 21 kms.

The organizers of the Standard Chartered Bangkok annual half-marathon decided to give the viewers value for their money and extended it by 4 miles.

So the runners had to run for 17 miles instead of 13.

[Personally, I don’t see the problem. If you are running a marathon, it means you like running. It also means that you are stark raving mad. Being stark raving mad, the normal physical constraints of time and distance are  not important to you anyway.]

Faced with an avalanche of angry runners complaining about the extra distance, the Jogging Association of Thailand, one of two organizers of the race apologized.

“The association apologises for the mistake,” Songrakm Kraison, its vice-president, told the Associated Press. “It will not happen again in the future.”

Apparently, race officials responsible for pointing runners in the right direction inadvertently directed them to make a U-turn at the wrong place.

Well, that’s the official excuse anyway.

Unofficially, they must be thinking “Phucket, there will always be moaners, but at least the viewers had their money’s worth”.

It was simply a matter of more bang for their baht.

There are allegations that a Chinese runner called Ran Tu Fah won the race and a North Korean runner called Kim Jog-On finished second.

However, the allegations could not be verified.


This promises to be a case which is sure to run on and on and on….



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