Murica will Troll Ya

Talking of things to cheer you up


In this world full of darkness, thank Ctulhu, that there is the US Presidential Elections. No matter how much darkness and misery there is in the world, the US Presidential Elections are pretty much guaranteed to become a farce.


And this year, they haven’t disappointed.


Keep in mind that on one side we have Vlad the Impaler

replace_bush_with_obama_and_syria_would_be_listening_540 18k014b506c42jpg beb1feec7ab9ce7298dd6b81dde47be54ad83f7b03a5bd6b3445d7f1e94a1507


And who is going to act as his check and balance

Murica fuck yeah.

We have the Republicans.

There is Jindal the wannabe white

6eea8d75e685648e5577d061681df314379241d4aeb9cd3ceb0bae0ee6183ee0 images

There is Donald the Trump



There is a Bush…nuff said isn’t it

There is Chris Cristie – Exxon Mobil’s lapdog who hates the concept of raising the minimum wage and vaccines

There is Ted Cruz – anti abortion, anti gay, anti immigration, anti healthcare, anti net neutrality

There is Mike Huckabee – same as above plus anti evolution

And then there is a neurosurgeon – Dr. Ben Carson


Surely, he would be the best choice right?

Unfortunately, Dr. Carson believes that the pyramids are giant granaries built by Joseph.


Then there are the Democrats

One is a Clinton – and since I firmly believe against making a country somebody’s personal kirana shop – India has suffered as a result of precisely that; the Gandhi family has looted and plundered India for generations – I cannot in good conscience endorse Mrs. Clinton.

Hilary-clinton-2016-funny-picturesimages (2)images (1)


And then there is Bernie Sanders.

I have a theory – you can’t be a bad guy if you have the name Bernie. for example -Bernie Rubble, Berny that purple dinosaur and of course Barney Stinson

And Mr. Sanders is no different.

images (7) images (6) Bernie-ClimateChange2 images (5)  BernieSanders-FreeSpeech images (4) BernieSanders-Taxbreaks images (3)


Unfortunately, being a pessimist, I am 100% sure that he has no chance of becoming the President.


I firmly believe that the Americans have realized that they have made a dog’s bollocks out of everything, including the planet.

Its all gone hopeless. There is no redemption, no saving.

So instead of even trying for such a hopeless endeavor, the Americans have decided to troll the entire planet.

That’s the only logical explanation.

They are just doing it for the LOLZ


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