Everyone should go to a Nudist Beach

Lots of world’s government spent a lot of time and money recently in Paris trying to save the world.

There’s been a lot of trumpeting and decision making and pledges et all but if you really look at it, a grand total of fuck all and sweet fanny adams has been achieved.



Why you ask?

Because there is no mechanism, no punishment for eventual defaulters – and there will be many many deafulters. For example, just days after signing the historic document, the British government slashed subsidies to the solar industry by as much as 65%.




The rich countries can pretty much do what they want. Lets face it, if USA or China or Saudi Arabia refuses to lift a single finger to cut down on fossil fuel consumption and go into renewables, who exactly has the power to do anything about it?

Expecting the governments to save the planet is an exercise in futility.


So you have to do your bit to save it yourself.


I have already discussed in detail about how the world is doomed and the only way to save it is to be a nudist.


And one important part on the road to complete and total nudism is to visit a nudist beach.

Not to gawk of course.

There are only two rules in a nudist beach

  1. No gawking
  2. No sex


You have to go to a nudist beach and participate.


So how would going to a nudist beach and going nude help?

It helps in numerous ways.


1. Acceptance

One of the foundation philosophies of nudism is body acceptance, which in turn leads to body confidence.

Nudists are by and large the most accepting people on the planet. Thin, fat, big, small, nothing matters, all are equally accepted.

Once you take off your clothes on the nude beach, you take a step in accepting not only others’ bodies but your own too.

Suddenly, you realise that what you thought to be as too small or too big or too uneven or too weird looking aren’t weird at all, everything comes in different shapes and sizes and they are all perfectly fine, nothing to be ashamed of.

Everyone’s body looks normal and natural, including your own. And you realize that the bodies you see on tv are the ones which are actually unnatural, not your own.

As you sunbath on a nude beach and take a look around you, you’ll realize that all bodies are good bodies and that yours is just fine, exactly the way it is.

images (17)

Psychologist Emma Kenny says: “Being naked is empowering because it shows bravery and vulnerability all at once. If you are brave enough to not conform to wearing clothes you feel free, and this can improve your happiness and confidence.

“Being naked is about being able to fully accept one’s body without fear of others’ opinions.

“In a world which is so materialistic and focused on appearance, the willingness to strip oneself of such conformist attitude is liberating. When we feel liberated we feel optimistic and positive, which feeds self-esteem and confidence.”

Another, aspect, especially for women, is that a nudist beach is pretty much one of the few places on earth which guarantees minimal ogling. In fact, you won’t even get ogled or letched 5% of the amount that you will in a “normal” clothed beach.

Nude beaches will have a a variety of body shapes and forms being exposed for freedom and mutual acceptance, rather than for sex or ogling. And thus, you will soon realize that no one is staring at you, and you stop staring at anyone in return.

It’s simply liberating.

Moreover, its actually good for health.

“Our studies show that women with active sunbathing habits live longer,” says Håkan Olsson, chief physician at the division of oncology at Lund University.


2. Not a Taboo; Not Obscene

Due to the puritanical middle ages and certain religious practices, the human body has become something obscene and sexual.

Society dictates that in order to fit in, you have to cover yourself up and that being naked is weird and obscene and against the very fabric of society.

But going to a nudist beach helps you realise being naked isn’t a big deal after all. The body is just that, what’s truly sexual or obscene is the mind.

Its all in the mind.



3. Vitamin

We all know that vitamins is an essential part of our lives.

And that includes Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight.

Sunbathing is beneficial for the body, mind and soul and doing it naked allows your entire body to benefit from the sun’s positive effects.

So, when you go to a nudist beach, you get to have a whole lot of Vitamin D. Vitamin D also helps with some mood disorders, it reduces risk of cancer and plays a part in lessening depression.

And all that for free.

Vitamin-D-Improves-Mood 5602ee0de29e8c7d772950ee95908539

Dermatologists sometimes treat conditions like psoriasis and eczema  with regular exposure to lights that emit UVB rays.

The sun does that for free.

Just take off your clothes and lie down on the beach and places that have never seen the light before will suddenly get a big boost of Vitamin D and get revitalized.

If you are Caucasian, then don’t forget the sun block.


4. Meeting Open Minded People

In a regular beach, people stick to themselves; nude beaches, on the other hand, are famous for friendly social interaction. In a regular beach ,we all feel different and alone, in a nude beach, we realize that we are all the same way. That acts as an ice breaker and brings people closer.

“The only thing I ever saw cause friction on a nudist beach was someone feeling shame or causing someone else to feel shame. The more tied to your appearance and self-consciousness you were, the more likely you were to cause stares and puzzled looks. To feel ashamed of yourself is to possibly feel ashamed of others — and that’s the only no-no on a nude beach. The result is more body acceptance on your part.

Nowhere is the naked female body freer than on a nudist beach. Women surf, read the paper, and eat sandwiches with all their most censored bits exposed — and it isn’t for the purpose of being sexy. The images of female nudity on nudist beaches are totally unlike the hyper-sexualized images we’re familiar with. They are functional bodies that perform activities and are not projected upon. Women are made to feel comfortable in their naked bodies without the restrictions of being objects of desire or beauty, and it’s infinitely liberating.

Nudist beaches have people on their best behavior, not only because they breed an atmosphere of mutual respect, but also because the consequences of PDA can be potentially embarrassing, nay disastrous. This extends to getting hit on. Men on nudist beaches tend to have subscribed to the rules of respect and no-ogling, and consequently are the friendliest, least sleazy beach neighbors you could hope for.”


5. Equality

Flashy designer clothes and bathing suits, jewelry, accessories and other material goods usually divide us – they drive a wedge between men based on money. In a nudist beach, that cannot happen, it does not matter if you are a billionaire or a bum, we are all the same on a nudist beach.

Death makes us equal. So does diarrhea.

So does a nudist beach.

human-equality-definition images


6. It’s Natural

Swimming naked is a healthy, natural experience that can be good for your body, mind and spirit.

Juts think about it – throughout your life, you take thousands of showers and baths. You are always naked then, so how come when you go to bathe in the ocean ,you cover yourself up?

Being naked is natural, wearing clothes to bathe is not.


7. Less Bacteria

We are mammals, ergo we sweat.

Because we sweat, our bodies are the perfect place for bacteria to breed and grow.

Beaches are usually hot places where you sweat a lot.

QED, wearing clothes on the beach is a recipe for bacterial growth.

If you give your skin space to breathe, you can prevent bacterial overgrowth that may have occurred otherwise.



8. Nudity May Improve Fertility

If you want to fork, you need to keep your carrots and onions at their best health. If you want to procreate, you need to maximize sperm count and better your overall quality of semen and sperm. To do all that the carrots and onions need to be unconstrained and kept at a regulated temperature. When the testicles are constricted in a tight swimsuit, they get overheated.

So, just take them off and let them breathe free.


9. Vaginal Health

Yeast breeds in warm, dark places – like a bathing suit bottom. So, take them off and let your bottom breathe.


10. Comfort

Being nude at the beach increases your comfort in two ways.

  1. No sand stuck in the bathing suitor dress
  2. Cooler temperature; wearing clothes means no air flow over the covered regions, results in more sweat plus the sweat does not get to evaporate as quickly- you will unncessarily feel hot and uncomortable and might los get heatstroke and sniffles
  3. Wearing tight clothes like bathing suits restrict circulation, hindering its natural flow around the body, leading to pain and swelling.

Get nude…all problem solved.



11. Naked Beach Activities are more Fun

Even in daily life, everything is more fun naked (with the possible exception of cooking/barbecuing and contact sports)

What about at the beach?

What do you do at the beach?

Sunbathe, swim/bathe, read books or play (Frisbee, volleyball, badminton, surfing, paddle board, jet ski, para sailing or simply running)

And all of these are much more fun while naked



12. Get in Touch with the Inner Child

What has changed between your childhood and now?

You are taller

You have way too many responsibilities and worries

And society dictates that you have to wear clothes.

You can pretty much eat what you want, watch what you want and play what you want.

So what’s the only way to relive your childhood?

Splashing in the water in the beach while naked


So there you go – a dozen excellent reasons to take your kit off at the beach.

Go to a nudist beach, it will change your life forever.


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