Glorious Garbage

Once in a while some thing happens which is considered once in a lifetime.

For example, man reaching moon for first time, that Hadron Collider thingy, Indian cricket team winning away from the sub continent, Indian football team winning anywhere, Arsenal not bottling it, Swami silencing Arnab Goswami, Fat Uncle Cheapo spending a whole month without collapsing (he finished 2015 with lumps in his tummy)etc.

Such a thing happened a couple of days ago.

A young lad came, saw and dismantled every single batting record out there.

The lad – Pranav Dhanawade.

In a school game, he scored 1,009 not out, from 327 balls, with 59 sixes and 129 fours, in six hours and 35 minutes.



He is getting all kinds of plaudits and recognition. The whole cricketing world is talking about him.

Its indeed a stupendous achievement and all credit to the laddies for his concentration and fitness.


I like big BUTS I cannot lie……

There are buts people, there are always buts.

BUT no 1 – He was playing against a bunch of under 14s. Arya Gurukul’s principal had refused to release the under 16s as they were revising for their exams. So it was 15 and 16 year olds vs 13 and 14 year olds. As anyone who have ever played competitive sports in the early teens would tell you, that makes a difference.

BUT no 2 – What was the captain thinking? That boy does not have compassion or sporting spirit. One of the unwritten rules of sports is that you never humiliate your opponent (unless there’s personal enmity or its Arsenal). The opposition was bowled out for 31. So was there really any need to bat the second day? At stumps, they were 956 for 1. Pranav was not out on 652, already the highest score ever, so why humiliate the opposition further?

In fact, I will let off the young captain, since he is young, but instead will abuse the school coach.


The true heroes of this story, however, are neither Pranav nor that dimwit captain.

The heroes are these guys.

Sarth Salunke, 20 overs, none for 284.

Pratik Bedekar, 18 overs, none for 241.

Harshal Jadhav, 18 overs, one for 281.

Mayank Gupta, two overs, none for 37.

Swaraj Deshmukh, five overs, none for 80.

Aditya Solanki, two overs, none for 33.

Tejas Missar, six overs, none for 142

Ayush Dubey, 23 overs, two for 352.


In Bengali, there is a saying – marito gondar, lutito bhandar

Literally, it means if you have to hunt, hunt a rhino; if you have to loot, loot a king’s storehouse.

In true sense, its go big or go home.

These bowlers went big and then went home.

In true Theoden mode, they went “if this is to be our end, then we will make such an end that will be worthy of remembrance”.

People forget that there are two ways to be immortal.

You can be the best there is, best there was and possibly the best there ever will be.

Or you can be like these guys and be the worst there is, the worst there was and the worst there possibly ever will be.

Unfortunately, Ishant Sharma is licking his chops and saying “challenge accepted” as we speak.


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