Baaaaaaa d Boys Baaaaaaaaa d Boys What You Gonna Do?

In different countries, things are done differently.

But not everywhere. Some are the same wherever they may be.

Bosses, politicians (negative) firefighters, nurses (positive) etc are all pretty much the same.

There is one particular group of people who are universal. But based on their nationality, they pretty much do things totally differently.

Am talking of the police, the cops, the watchmen or the pigs if you are so inclined.

For example, in India, if a crime happens, the first thing the police checks is your political affiliation. If you belong to the ruling party, they will spring into action. If you are in the opposition, good luck getting justice. Similarly, if you plan on committing a crime, be sure to enlist yourself into the ruling party, the police will leave you well alone.

If both criminal and victim belong to the same party, however, the police call an auction and whoever can bribe the police more get to win, the other get beaten up; if lucky, only beaten up, if unlucky, raped, pillaged and plundered.

In good old USA, things are different. There, your political affiliation means diddly squat. Its very simple over there – its all about the colour of your skin.

If you are white, the police will help you if you are a victim, and will treat you as innocent until proven guilty if you are suspicious or even if you are arrested. If you are dark skinned, the police will kill you.

Critics opine that the American police is racist.

I have a theory though – its not merely about racism. Its their inbuilt desire to do everything exactly opposite from the British – driving on the road, switches, doors, cricket/baseball etc.

The police are no different.

In America, they kill non-whites. In UK, they pretty much worship non-whites, especially if they are Muslim.

In UK, if you happen to be Muslim, you can pretty much go scot free with anything short of terrorism or genocide.

The case is same in Pakistan, but there you have to be the right kind of Muslim.

Things used to be different in Germany, but sadly, as we saw from the New years, that country is fast becoming dog’s bollocks.

Things are simpler in the African and south east Asian countries – there its all about how much money you can bribe the police with.

In Saudi Arabia, the punishment for the first offence is death. Statistics proves that this has drastically lessened the number of repeat offenders.

In the glorious Commie Utopia of North Korea, things are different. There a crime, any crime, is a direct affront to the beloved supreme leader. Thus, both the criminal and their entire family as well as the victim and their entire family are arrested and sent to the gulag.

Commie system, probably best system.


All pretty sordid right?

In the list of the most corrupt group of people on the planet, police come in top three along with politicians and presstitutes.

But is it all doom and gloom?

No good people no.


Because there is a group of intrepid watchmen doing everything they can to fight crime.

In the rest of the world, human police officers take help from dogs and horses.

In New Zealand, they take help from sheep.

Some heinous criminals had stolen a car.

Police gave chase.

The chase was long and wild.

The criminals almost got away.

But an off duty policeman stopped said criminals by driving his flock of sheep in the middle of the road and stopped the criminals.

Some policemen use guns, some use stun guns, some use helicopters, some use water cannons, some use pepper spray, some use those electric shockers.

The kiwis use sheep.

It would have been BAAAA rbaric, the criminals could have RAMmed them or taken an EWE turn, but thankfully, none of the sheep were hurt.

Alls well that’s ends well.


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