Achtung Baybee

There it is people –

Die Mutter aller Verstimmungen,
Der Schock des Jahres,

Der David vs Goliath-Geschichte des Jahres

The one which no one thought possible.

The German Angelique Kerber just shocked the world by beating Serena Williams. She is now the Australian Open Champion.

The first German champion since the Becker-Stich-Graf heydays.

Before this tournament she had 0 while Serena Williams had 21 Grand Slams. Hell, she had never even been to a final before. Noone gave her a chance. She almost lost in the very first round.

But she hung on and on and on.

And played the best match of her career when it mattered the most.

This match was a storybook David vs Goliath, a metaphorical Bambi vs Godzilla.

And Bambi won!!!!

This is what she said at the post match interview

“Serena, you are an inspiration, an unbelievable great person, so congrats for everything you did already. In the first round I was match point down so I was already one leg on the plane to Germany. I got a second chance and I take my chance. To win it, my dream came true tonight. My whole life I was working really hard, now I’m here and I can say I’m a grand slam champion. I have the best family, the best team in the world. I really enjoy this moment. Thank you so much. The best two weeks of my life, my career. I had goosebumps when I was playing. See you next year.”

Bravo lady bravo

Congratulation, enjoy the sensation, the experience.

And go jump into the river as you promised.


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