The Curious Case of the Gudduda in the Nighttime

The last few days have been weird

We saw India whitewashing Australia in Australia

We saw Donald the Trump losing in Iowa

We saw the uncouth barbaric blasphemy that is bananas in ice cream in a friend’s wedding

We saw the Fat Uncle Cheapo trudging up to an office in New Town/Rajarhat wearing full sleeves shirt, trousers and ponytails.

And we saw the Gudduda running down the street shouting in joy. IMG_20150201_160407

But why good people, why was the Gudduda so happy?

He was happy because finally our country’s premier Court pulled their fingers out of their nether regions and took a positive step towards equality and civilization.

Better late than never.

You see, under the Indian legal system, homo sex is a criminal activity.


Its one of those stupid, idiotic archaic laws that should have been scrapped 3 decades ago.

But because of the Indian Anti-national Congress’s complete disregard for Indians and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s dependence on religious nutcases, it has never happened.

The Court was the only recourse all right thinking human beings had.

But in 2013, the Court crushed all that by upholding the law.

Thankfully, better sense has prevailed.

Supreme Court agrees to revisit law criminalising homosexuality


Its a welcome ruling and hopefully a step towards the eventual abolition of the moronic law.


Look, I am not homosexual, nor am I especially interested in homosexual affairs and issues. But I firmly believe that what two consenting adults do with each other is nobody’s business but their own.

The government cannot dictate who someone can or shall get attracted to; that only happens in the Communist utopias and thankfully, we have still not plunged into such a nadir.

The government and judiciary have to monitor just two things – age of the participants (children need to be protected at all costs) and consensuality (is that a word?) of the participants.

Then there are the religious nutters. Homosexuality is one issue where the nutcases of all religious agree on.

And that alone tells you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality.

Homosexuality is not a disease (duh) nor is it a sin.

Hell, even if it is a sin, if consenting adults want to commit said sin, let them. Its their ass on the line, not yours.

Who the fuck died and made you mankind’s monitor?

Begone, you hypocrites and let people be at peace.

It doesn’t matter if a person is gay or lesbian or bisexual, they are people first and as such, deserve to have the same rules as the rest of us.

I am against discrimination on any grounds – be it gender, or race, or nationality or colour of skin or sexual preferences (apart from pedophiles of course, they deserve death penalty).

[However, that being said, I am firmly in favour of discrimination based on football team support. Supporters of East Bengal, Liverpool and Arsenahahhhahahahaha (in Arsene they Rust) deserve to be discriminated against]

Same laws for everybody.

That’s equality.

That’s civilization.


So why did all this make the Gudduda happy?

Well, the Gudduda is in love (or lust as the case may be)

Unfortunately, he is in love (or lust) with his economics professor, a man in his 50s.

Its one of those weird love triangles.

The economics professor Mr. S seems to favor the girl P (name withheld to protect identity).

The girl P is in love (or lust) with said Mr. S.

And so is the Gudduda.

And so far, the Gudduda had been in a distinct disadvantage in this weird triangle.

He not only had to fight the girl rival, but also had to fight society’s prejudices as well as the government and the legal system.

As a confirmed anti-social misanthrope, I fart in society’s  general direction.

The Gudduda is my brother and I have repeatedly told him that no matter what society says or does, he always has a place in my ample bosom. He does not need to worry about society.

And now hopefully soon, he will not have to worry about the law either.

No wonder he is happy. 10003947_464882046972157_1943646612_n


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