The Pompatus of Love

The day is upon us people.

The greatest day of this year.

A day 3 and half decades in the making.

The arrival of Deadpool in the big screen.

The greatest movie in the history of comic book movies

The greatest movie in the history of movies

The greatest movie in the history of mankind

The greatest movie in the history of history


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So who is Deadpool aka Wade Wilson aka the Regenerating Degenerate aka the Merc with a Mouth?


Deadpool of Love


You can read his comics for a real in-depth idea.


But let me give you a brief introduction to the greatest Marvel character of all time.

Deadpool was actually a copy of the DC character Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). He first appears in the comic New Mutants #98 as a Villain.

Wade Wilson was in love with a prostitute called Vanessa Carlysle. But then he came to know that he is dying of cancer. To save her the pain of living with a dying man, he left her.


He later joined the Weapon-X project (Wolverine anyone?) to obtain the healing factor in an effort to cure his cancer. He received the healing factor.

The government started using him from secret missions. While on a mission, he killed one of his teammates, a cyborg named Slayback. The government kicked him out and and put him into a Hospice, where former superheroes go get treatment.  Doctor Killebrew and his assistant Ajax used the patients as test subjects, placing bets into a “Deadpool” to see which one will live the longest.

Wade was given survival odds of 1000 to 1. He beat the odds.

Wilson underwent tortuous experimentation but remained in good spirits. After being fed up with Wilson’s taunting, Ajax lobotomized one of Wilson’s friends. Wilson eventually killed his friend to cease his suffering, breaking one of Killebrew’s rules. As punishment, Ajax teared out Wilson’s heart leaving him to die. However, Wilson’s desire for vengeance was so strong that his healing factors kicked back in, revitalizing his heart.

In turn, Wilson attacked and destroyed Ajax.

It’s after this moment Wade Wilson gave himself the name Deadpool.


All the experiments and torture turned him a bit insane and he began talking to himself. This is shown in the comics via little yellow boxes.


Though an assassin/mercenary, Deadpool is the only truly neutral figure in marvel Universe. He is neither good nor bad, just a professional.

And that’s why when he finally got married, the entire marvel Universe turned up to cheer him.

This panel is a record holder as the largest gathering of superheroes in a single panel.



Unlike all those other superheroes who go around saving the world and talking of good and evil and all that Deadpool has a simple code.

He loves kids

1501780_253729741456310_1791772170_n iH44ouh


Deadpool is pansexual or omnisexual. He does not discriminate based on gender or race or species.

However, his greatest love is Death – which leads to the Sheakespearean tragedy of his life.

Death was fascinated with Deadpool. Death’s fascination with Deadpool led to increased jealousy from none other than Thanos, one of the most fearsome beings in the Marvel Universe and wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos launched his own bid to impress Death which involved him attempting to destroy everything in existence. Thanos’s own advances were spurned, and Death became more and more enamored with Deadpool. Thanos could think of only one way to gain vengeance—using his power to make Deadpool virtually immortal.

If Thanos cannot have Death then neither can Wade Wilson.

One of the running themes of the story is Deadpool trying to kill himself to be with Death.


He has also managed to seduce Black Widow


He is a nerd.

He gets along with everybody/nobody.

He's a nerd.


He has made breaking the 4th wall an art form. He remains the only comic book character who knows he is a comic book character.






He finally realized that there is no escape from the pain and suffering as they are nothing but pawns of the comic book writers. And thus resulted Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

He begins indiscriminately assassinating the most famous Marvel heroes, villains, and teams. He blew up the Avengers using Pym Particles. He killed off the Fantastic Four using just his sword and martial arts skills. Spider-Man fell victim to a clean head shot. He lured the Punisher into a trap and made the fearless antihero break into a cold sweat before offing him as well. As for The Hulk, a decapitated Deadpool self-healed, snuck up on a sleeping Bruce Banner, and ripped him apart the second he woke up.Deadpool even ended up in control of another villain’s powers which he used to force dozens of characters into committing suicide. Perhaps the most vivid of all was his termination of the X-Men. In one scene, Deadpool confronts Wolverine while wearing Beast’s skin as a fur coat.Deadpool’s descent into madness did not stop him from constantly referring to the audience. However, his interactions became decidedly more vicious. At one point, he looked right toward the reader and exclaimed, “I will find you soon enough.”

The story ended with Deadpool sneaking up on the comic book authors.

After laying waste to the Marvel Universe in various parallel dimensions, Deadpool nonchalantly decided to slay personages from classic literature. According to Deadpool’s twisted logic, the only way to stop the constant re-creation of Marvel’s heroes and villains was to stop the sources of inspiration from inspiring them in the first place.To this end, “Deadpool Killustrated” featured over-the-top gorefests like ripping out Don Quixote’s eyeball, blowing up the home of the Little Women, and slicing up the Three Musketeers. For every character he killed, he would catch a glimpse of the Marvel personalities that somewhat embodied them. For instance, Captain Nemo resembled Magneto, and Ariel the Little Mermaid was apparently based off of Namor the Submariner (which Deadpool found hilarious).The series culminated in a battle between Deadpool—aided by a homicidal Frankenstein’s Monster—and the team of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Beowulf, Natty Bumppo, and Mulan. Deadpool escaped Holmes’s grasp by menacingly describing a world he had envisioned where children would only see horror and violence in everything that is written. The plot of the Jungle Book, for instance, would simply be Baloo spotting Mowgli, deciding the child was delicious, and eating him.


Even his enemies/rivals cant help but be impressed with him


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He has a bromance with Spiderman – the longest running bromance in comic books.

Deadpool marrying a vampire.. Spiderman is owned.. Ta WE WERE FOLLOWING MY CUSTOMS; WE WOU LU BE SACRIFICING A VIRGIN RIGHT NOW. YEAH. WELL. Iii NOT HERE.. It wasn't a vampire, silly OP. It was Shiklah, succubus queen of the underworld. Get yo' facts straight. 



He is incredibly kind to anyone in need






He knows whats really important in life



tzMZ0mF tumblr_n8p39p8DOy1tcnpluo1_500


Some other facts

  • Deadpool has a mother like figure called Blind Al
  • He has a sidekick called Weasel
  • He loves chimichangas
  • His weakness is kittens
  • He is deathly afraid of cows


That fact about cows would have been a most excellent ending, but I would also like to point out why I love Deadpool so much

  1. Sarcastic
  2. Loves making fun of himself
  3. Loves torturing the sidekick
  4. Always helps the innocents and the helpless
  5. Loves food and porn
  6. Doesn’t take life seriously at all
  7. Has a clear idea about the meaning of life
  8. Rides a scooter
  9. Sucks at love
  10. Perennially sick


Does he remind you people of someone else?


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