Tis the Time to Reverb

Tis the time for the startups

Tis the time for Make in India

Tis the time for the little guy

Tis the time to prove to the world that you can indeed succeed without nepotism, without corruption, and that all you ever needed was a chance.

Of course, all that does not work for me, am dead inside.

But there are still people in this world with hope, with dreams, with a vision and with the energy and dedication to work hard and fulfill those dreams and vision.

And a bunch of such people have come together and started Reverb.

What is Reverb you ask?

They are a music production company.

But they are not merely a music production company.

As their tag line says, they care about “Uncovering gems for the music industry”.

Here’s what they do.

Audio for Video Productions: From short films to feature films to jingles to soaps. Songs and background score including composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering. Reverb Productions has teamed with several talented composers, arrangers and musicians to give you the best quality production.

All the recording and mixing is done at our own studio – Reverb Sound Studio that is conveniently located at Aundh.

Music Albums: Reverb Sound Studio helps you take your concept (perhaps those beautiful poems you or your dear ones wrote), compose music (add tune and melody), arrangement (which instruments play where), performance (Reverb Sound Studio partners with several artists who will perform the music), recording, mixing (which instrument or voice will have focus at which part of the song) and mastering (ensure all songs in the album play at similar loudness and EQ levels on target speaker types).

Indie-Band Singles & Albums: Our recording studio, Reverb Sound Studio has earned the reputation as being the most band friendly studio in Pune. Reverb Productions promotes all local musicians and bands and is the perfect partner for you to help create those singles and albums. We will also help promote these during our events.

Karaoke Tracks: At Reverb, we know how difficult it is to find high quality karaoke track for your favorite song. We will create high quality karaoke tracks for you with our partnership with musicians and our own studio. This ensures that you have a great sounding background track that is just right for your singing scale.

Pre-Dubbed Audio for Big Events: These days, events such as school annual functions, dance competitions etc use backing tracks that are pre-produced in studio. This ensures a perfect event.


To further give exposure to the budding talent, they have created a youtube channel – Reverb Lounge. Their vision is to leverage the internet to help the thousands and hundreds of thousands of talented singers around the country to gain the exposure.

Reverb Lounge is a YouTube channel hosted by Reverb Productions that will serve high quality content. At the time of launch, the Lounge has following forums:

Original Music: Any Genre, Any Language only high quality music bringing out the finest musicianship. If you are a producer, this is the perfect forum for you to showcase your creation to the audience and potential customer. If you are an artist and have a concept, talk to Reverb Productions to help you take your concept to the global stage.

The Achievers’ forum: An insightful discussion with the person who has dared to venture out of his/her comfort zone to achieve something of significance. For the achievers, this is a great forum for you to inspire and ignite others. For the ones struggling to get out of their comfort zone, meet your role models on this forum.

Reprise: While movies are constrained to just one representation of a song, Reprise is a forum that provides limitless possibilities to showcase creativity.
The Buzz: Provides an insight into interesting music related events happening in your locality. Meet the producers, singers, musicians to know their inspiration behind the event.

Here’s the man behind the vision.


Here’s a couple of samples.



You will claim that in India, there are so many tv programs about finding talent; so whats special about these guys?

Let me ask you this, when did you last see a fatty or a pug ugly or a black person winning anything on tv? Its almost as if to be a successful signer on tv, you have to be fair and good looking!

Well, Reverb does not care about your looks. They have only one criterion – talent.

So are you a talented singer (if you don’t have talent, stick to the bathroom pls) just waiting for an opportunity to showcase your talent? Or a producer? Or an artist?

If you have the drive, the ambition, the dream, then Reverb will partner with you to make that dream into a reality.


Now you must be wondering why I am talking of Reverb all of a sudden. Am I associated with them?


I have absolutely no association with Reverb whatsoever.

Its just that I have two friends – Winny and Thibault. Winnie is a fantastic singer and Thibault is a Bongo merchant. Unfortunately, they are in France now eating cheese and saying stuff like Mon Dieu and Sacre Bleu. Together, they have a band and have come up with albums.

They represent all the talented artists out there just looking for that one chance, one opportunity to showcase their talent.

And Reverb is the perfect fit for people like them.

So if you are looking for a platform for exposure, for a partner or know someone who is, Reverb is the one.


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