You can’t go Wrong with Curry

What’s better?

Pizza? Ravioli? Spaghetti and Meatballs? Lasagna? Burgers? Sandwiches? Tamales? Chimichangas? Barbecues? Sushi? Pies? Noodles?

Different people will have different opinions.

But as Marx said Opinions are like Assholes, Everyone’s Got One.

There is something we can all agree on though.

As Tagore said East or West, Curry is the Best.


But here’s the thing. Curry is not merely the best food out there.

Its also the best basketball player on the planet.

Am talking, of course, about Stephen Curry.

The best in the world.

Everytime an alltime great retires, people tend to ask if he is the greatest of all time.

That’s what happens when Chamberlain retired, when Larry Bird retired, when Kareem retired, when Karl Malone retired, when Magic retired, when Shaq retired, when his Airness retired.

But every single time, someone else steps up.

And each claim a stake to the Greatest of All Time moniker.

When Kareem and Chamberlain retired, Magic and Bird stepped up.

When they retired Michael Jordan took over.

Once he retired, then came Kobe.

Then came LeBron.

And now there’s Curry.

Its the same thing with football.

There was Pele, there was Garrincha, then there was Cruyff and Beckenbauer, then came El Diego, then Ronaldo (Brazilian), then Messi and now the Interpreter of Space Thomas Mueller.

Look at tennis, the same thing happened.

First there was Laver, then Borg, then Pete Sampras, then Roger Federer.

And just when the press and fanboys were spontaneously ejaculating about how Federer farts rainbows and shats unicorns, up came Nadal who spanked the crap out of him.

So the press begrudgingly started admitting that maybe Federer is not the greatest of all time; but they consoled themselves saying that he is one of the two greatest of all times, the other being Nadal.

They pretty much managed to convince themselves of that when a Djoker entered the pack and upset everything and everybody.


Stephen Curry is doing something similar.

For the last decade or so, the argument was all about who is better – Kobe or Lebron? About who is the true successor of MJ – Kobe or Lebron?

Well, as it turns out, probably neither.

Its probably Curry.

We can wax lyrical about his astonishing performances over and over.

But every damn adjective out there seems inadequate to describe what he has been doing.


He was last season’s MVP when he led the Warriors to the title.

He is going to be this season’s MVP too. Golden State, with the best 58-game record in NBA history at 53-5, became the first team since the 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers to clinch a playoff spot in February

Of course, its a team game and his teammates also deserve credit for the team’s success.

But its those individual scoring feats that have left people, not only laymen but his fellow professionals and all time greats, speechless.


Its a complete bonus that he is one of nicest and most humble sports person out there. he is universally loved and respected and that’s rare in today’s world.

The words amazing, ethereal, extraordinary, genius etc are bandied around way too easily nowadays.

Most of the time, they are over the top.

To describe Curry, they remain inadequate.

Curry simply is just that damn good.

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