Fair Is Not Equal to Lovely

There is no point pretending that I am not an unmitigated disaster. To say that I am a gargantuan mess will be too generous a description. I have lost count of the number of issues that I have. I hate more or less everything abut my life.

And that includes my body.

I hate pretty much everything about it.

I hate me head, my ears, my mouth, my brain, my shoulder, my hands, my heart, my lungs, my liver, my spine, my nerves, my legs, my tummy, my back, my penis, my ass.


But there are two things I do not hate.

  • The Beard that Absolutely Reeks of Awesomeness
  • The colour of my skin.

I have got 99 problems but the color of my skin ain’t one.


And so, one thing I find massive infuriating are the fairness ads.

Generations after generations of young girls (and boys) are being brainwashed into believing that somehow being fair is the hall-mark to success.

The advertisements tell us that being dark is a recipe for failure. That if you want to succeed, you have to try and be fair.

You will hardly find dark skinned models in the ads. Those who are present are pretty much always cast as maids, servants, drives, background actors or villains and comic characters.

The central figures are always white.

Even the children are always white.

Hell, even the babies that are used for nappie ads are always white.

Why exactly are we, as a people, so afraid or disdainful of dark skin?

Its racism people, pure and simple. Lets not pretend otherwise.

Lets not delude ourselves about this being something other than racism.

So take a long hard look at yourself before criticizing the Donald for being racist.

In our minds, after living under the fair skinned overlords for hundreds of years, it has been entrenched that

Fair = wealth, prosperity, might, beauty

Its high time that idea gets banished permanently.



Stop buying those fairness products.

download (3)

Instead, use that money and buy yourself medical insurance or a good pension plan.

Change won’t come from speeches or online campaigns.

We live in an economic world and change will only come when we pay for it.

So pay for change, stop paying for fairness.

Look, people, amongst everyone that you know or have heard of, its no secret that I am the most pathetic. I wear my robes of loserhood openly. I speak from the nadir of humanity.

So, when I suggest/advice/preach, you can be 100% sure that its not patronizing drivel.

I may be naive, I may be stupid, I may be a disgrace to humanity. But I am genuine.

What you see or hear or read is what you get – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

No propaganda, no falsehood, no ulterior motives.

So take my advice.

Stop living life as per someone’s else’s rules and start living it as per your own.

Don’t let others dictate your value as a person simply based on your skin colour.

Look at it this way.

Do you really want to spend time with a person who tells you that you only have worth in their eyes if you are fair?

Screw such people (metaphorically).

A change is needed.

But when society tells you that fair is better than dark, don’t try and change yourself.

Change society.

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