Boaty McBoatface

Thousands of years ago a group of monkeys decided that getting down from the trees and walking on two legs would be a good career change.

And thus came men on earth.

And within a few years of that, women started nagging men about vacations.

And thus, men made boats.


From those humble beginnings, maritime movement has come a long way.

We have had a plethora of ships that have changed the very course of human history.

Lets look at some of those.


HMS Victory (Lord Nelson’s ship used in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805)

Bismark (biggest ship of the Nazi navy)

Santa Maria (the most famous of the three ships used by Columbus as he ‘discovered’ North America);

CSS Hunley (the first submarine);

The Beagle (famous for carrying Charles Darwin around the world);

Queen Anne’s Revenge (the ship of Captain Blackbeard the famous pirate ship);

HMS Bounty (famous for a mutiny against Captain Bligh);

Battleship Potemkin (Russian warship famous for firing the first shots of the Russian Revolution in 1905);

HMS Bounty (British frigate famous for its mutiny);

HMS Endeavor (Captain Cook’s ship used to explore the Pacific Ocean);

Mayflower (the ship that delivered the Pilgrims to Massachusetts in 1620);

U.S.S. Enterprise (the most decorated warship of World War Two);

RMS Lusitania (her sinking in 1916 was the catalyst for America’s entry into World War One);

Japanese Battleship Yamato (largest battleship ever built);

Golden Hind (the ship used by Sir Francis Drake to make the first complete circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580)

Sao Gabriel (the ship used by Vasco Da Gama to reach India)

Nao Victoria (the ship from Magellan’s expedition which circumnavigated the world)


All ships that have influenced humanity and made human civilization what it is today.

Who’s next?


Boaty McBoatface, that’s who!


We can all agree that the National Environmental Research Council is an August body doing a lot of important work.

They employ a lot of highly intelligent scientific types.

So, it really gladdens my heart that one of their own came up with this most excellent of names for their new research ship.


Long may Boaty Mcboatface run.


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