Another year, another earthquake

And this one shook everything.


The Nepal one was a much more devastating affair, but in Nepal, and to an extent in Sikkim and North Bengal.

Here, in Kolkata, we had felt it only for a couple of seconds. I was actually on the commode when the vibrations had struck – I actually thought that I was going through on of my collapses. It was later that I came to know that it was an earthquake.


But not this time.

This time, we felt it all too well.


Because the whole house shook and swayed.

Two waves of vibrations struck the city – the first one for about 3-4 seconds and the second for 7-8 seconds.

When the first wave hit, it took a couple of seconds for me to realize that its an earthquake. The eureka moment  happened when the laptop started shaking.

Then it stopped.

And it was a matter of did that just happen or did I just imagine it?

Then the 2nd wave came.

And the whole house started shaking.

The ceiling shook

The floor shook

The walls shook

The tv shook

The ac shook

And worst of all my alcohol bottles shook.


And in the meantime, my mother became the first person in history to come up to the 1st floor from the ground floor in an earthquake. When quizzed later, she claimed she lost her head.


I  shall not lie and claim false bravado dear readers.

I was scared.

Which is surprising because I always thought that I am only afraid of snakes, height, being buried alive and Jyotika.

Later I realized that it was primal fear.

Fear of natural calamities are in-built in our DNA.

And earthquakes are the most dangerous of natural calamities out there.

Think about it.

Nowadays, nobody dies from a volcanic eruption.

Smart people can easily survive tornadoes and hurricanes.

There are systems in place for advanced warning of tsunamis.


But there is nothing you can do when an earthquake strikes.

You can run from a hurricane, a tornado, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption.


But you can’t run from an angry hippopotamus.

And you can’t run from an earthquake.


So yes, I was scared.


Of course, true to form, the scientists have come up and declared that this is only the beginning. Apparently there is still a whole lot of stress left from the clashes between the Indian plate and the Tibetan plate.

There will be more earthquakes.


We are doomed.


Of course, there’s another aspect to it.

As you all know, I live under the ac. Life without ac, is not worth living.

When the big earthquake strikes, the ac will fall.

It will fall on my head.

I will be the poster-boy of live by the ac, die by the ac.

Somebody resuscitate Aeschylus, he needs to write a tragedy of my life.


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