Advertisement for LSD

Have you been watching the IPL?

If you have, you must have seen the new ad for Vimal Pan Masala with the tagline “dane dane me kesar ka dum”.

It has taken the fantasy route.

We have the princess refusing to marry the man her parents have chosen.

We have the hero riding in for the rescue.

We have a lake separating the heroine and hero.

So what does hero do?

Hero takes Vimal Pan Masala.

And lo and behold

Heroine magically runs on water and reaches hero, who is also on water, and they ride off into the sunset – the horse galloping on water.

Add in a few boobies and some violence and you have an excellent fantasy movie on your hands.

But, this is not a movie.

This is an advertisement, and as such feeds on impressionable young minds like Gudduda the Dildo.

Loads of idiots will buy the product thinking about the efficacy of its hallucinatory capabilities.

Moreover, since young people are basically imbeciles, they will believe in this shit and will probably try running on water.

I am all in favor of a few genocides (only way human civilization can survive) and the death of imbeciles can only be a good thing.

But what if they force a horse to run on water?

That cannot be tolerated.

Also, as a matter of principle, I am against false representations in advertisements.

Unless there is LSD inside Vimal Elaichi, its all false advertisement.

And so, BAN that ad.

But, that is not the worst ad going around on tv these days.

Oh no, that honour belongs to Oppo.

It takes a special kind of dimwitted fuckwittery to make an ad this bad.

We basically have Sonam Kapoor standing with a silly ass smile on her face and Hrithik Roshan fixing spotlights behind her.

Furthermore, there is one of worst songs written by man as the theme.

Hell, even Bieber is better than this shit.

That ad is an affront to humanity.

BAN that ad.


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