Every Bull has Its Day

Bulls are in the news right now.

We have the Bullshit merchants taking charge in Britain

We have the Revenge of the Bulls over there in Spain

We have China being all bullish and behaving like a bull in a China shop with the International Tribunal

And then there is India

It was just another day in Ratangarh town of Rajasthan’s Churu district.

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the dogs were barking, the monkeys were monkeying around, people were going about their daily business. .

Nandi the bull was sitting in the middle of the road ruminating on the meaning of life, the concept of bovine heaven, the theory of relativity and the links between Al Qaeda and Arsenal.

But then, all of a sudden, he got an acute bout of existential dilemma.

He decided that he needed an different outlook on life.

So he started climbing a water tank.

He reached the top and started meditating while enjoying the views.

The humans on the ground, however, went bonkers.

“They were taken aback when they spotted the bull on the water tank,” said a senior police officer.

Vigorous bouts of “what are we going to do” followed.

Finally, having decided that ‘its now our problem’, they decided to hand said problems over to the police.

“Initially , we thought we could bring a crane, but that didn’t work out. The Army officials called in said they couldn’t launch an operation in the evening,” said an officer. Finally, officials of the state disaster relief force came up with an idea. According to a district official, the bull was secured with a rope wire and safety belt, and made to abseil down the tank.


53203146 87_1468274361 cow---facebook-and-storysize_647_071316011404


It took 8 hours.

Tired rescue officers, hordes of amused spectators and Nandi the Bull thinking – “they see me climbing, they hating” made the day something, noone will ever forget.

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