Best of Times the Worst of Times

I believe it was Charles the Dick who first came up with that line.

Of course, he came up with that line to describe the tumultuous times of the late 18th century, when the polloi were fed up of being polloi and taking inspiration from the Red Queen went around “off with their head”ing.

The patricians were shitting themselves.

The times they were a changing.

It was the best of times for some, the worst of times for others.

But, here’s the important thing, people more or less knew which side of the bread was buttered.

My life, on the other hand, can’t make up its mind. Its as confused as an Arsenal defender in a football match.

As you might know, I am life’s bitch – she loves nothing better than to torture the crap out of me.

Operation theater 2 times; emergency multiple times with dislocated shoulder, dislocated elbow, head wound after jumping from a merry go round, cut leg requiring 13 stitches etc, multiple accidents involving vehicles – including one serious life threatening one that ruined my spine.

Hospitalization multiple times with paralysis.

Malfunctioning brain, ear, lungs, heart, liver, spine, shoulder


Sadness is my constant companion

Misery my bosom buddy

Pain my best friend

So, the “worst of times” is pretty much home. There is a weird sense of comfort and familiarity in life repeatedly kicking me in the goolies with hobnailed iron shoes and shoving giant banyan trees up my arsehole.

So, the “worst of times” I can handle.

Its the “best of times” that throws me off guard.

Last week was one of those times.

Tuesday night I went and got 5 new tattoos – including a Deadpool one.

Yippy etc etc

Wednesday evening the office got a call from a client.

Apparently, everyone in client’s office has fallen head over hills with an e-Learning storyboard that yours truly had created for them.

In their words, its the best they have ever seen.

Who are these clients?




Imagine the joy ladies and gentlemen.

There was styling, profiling and strutting.

Everything was going awesome.

And then life found a way.


Zipper meet penis

Blood, sweat, tears, tissue paper, bandages.

The  pain, oh dear Roman, the pain.

Life sucks


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