The Eternal Conundrum

Or the Horns of a Dilemna if you will

And this is one thing that women never have to face and never will understand.

Here’s the thing – jockeys or boxers???

This is not about the sportsmen but rather about underwear or more specifically which type of underwear to use. Both have their pros, both have their cons.

With the boxers the problem is that the carrot and onions are never where they are supposed to be, they keep moving this way and that, the advantage being that there’s not much pressure.

With the jockeys, everything stays where they are supposed to be like a well disciplined regiment. However, sometimes there is too much pressure on the family jewels (or in the Cheapo’s case the useless pieces of family trinkets of only sentimental value)

In summer its not that big a deal coz well you can always go commando, which I usually do.

But in winter, if the weather’s chilly, then you need all the protection you can get otherwise the doodahs shrivel up like a frightened tortoise in the middle of a pack of eagles.

So, you need to wear something but what to wear – that is the question.

Another reason we need to live in a nudist colony.


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