Another Reason for Nudism

Have you seen the Prince of Persia movie?

Remember near the beginning the king gets a gift of a robe, he puts it on…and then kaboom….he gets poisoned to death?

Poison drenched clothes killing people

Sounds far fetched?

Well it killed Hercules!

Hercules was killed by a shirt given to him by his wife. The shirt was drenched with tainted blood from the centaur Nessus (Nessus was killed by an arrow tipped with poison from the Lernaean Hydra). Hercules tried to take off the shirt but it clung to him and tore at his flesh eventually killing him.

We all know about poisoning as a way of killing people; potassium cyanide, strychnine, arsenic etc are quite familiar to those of us who read mystery novels.

Adding poison to clothing is an especially sneaky way to kill.

Poisoned clothes can be sent anonymously, or added to a garment when it goes for a wash, and the poisoner can be busy establishing an alibi when it is eventually worn by the victim.

So theoretically possible, stuff of legends.

Well, no one told the Chinese.

Mrs Zhang, from Hangzhou in Zhejiang province decided to soak her husband’s underpants in paraquat herbicide spay. Once the poison had dried onto the cloth, she apparently presented the pants to her husband for him to wear on their daughter’s wedding day.

Paraquat weed killer’s toxicity is due to its ability to create reactive oxygen species that can cause chemical damage to surrounding biological molecules. In plants paraquat kills because it disrupts the process of photosynthesis. In humans paraquat poisoning symptoms include vomiting, blistering, difficulty breathing, kidney and liver damage and death from multiple organ failure. It takes a very small amount of pure paraquat to kill an adult. Herbicide sprays are much less toxic because the paraquat is diluted, but workers using it should still wear masks and protect their skin and eyes.

A report by the World Health Organisation in 2000 estimated there were two million paraquat poisoning cases annually, approximately 10% of which proved fatal. Of the fatalities, 91% were intentional poisonings.

The paraquat said to have been sprayed on to Mr Zhang’s underpants would have been in a dilute solution, but would concentrate in the drying process. Though paraquat is not readily absorbed through unbroken skin, it is an irritant and the damage it can do to the skin will only increase the absorption of the toxic compound into the body.

Mr Zhang was rushed to hospital when he noticed his genitals were “rotting” and had difficulties breathing.


Now comes the million dollar question.

How can you prevent something like this happening to you?

Well, you can not get married

The other thing you can do is to become a nudist. If you are a nudist nobody can harm you by drenching your clothes in poison.

You will be safe from something that fell Hercules.

QED: Nudists > Hercules

So another reason to try nudism….on top of all these…



By the way, Mr. Zhang is alive, but the condition of his genitals is not known.

So it is only fair that I, Cheapo, do the experiment to find out. And I have the subject ready too.

My monotesticular bro Fluffy McDildoface aka Gudduda the Imbecile.



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