Stupid Pain Stupid Life

There are certain moments in life when you have to pause and bow down in awe when you encounter something gloriously epic – for example the first dude who started fire, landing on the moon, founding of Playboy, the first motion picture, the Wright brothers and their flight etc etc – basically moments that made mankind, moments that changed mankind.

Well, people it is that time for you.

You need to bow down to the 10th Wonder of the World – the body of Fat Uncle Cheapo.

As long time readers already know, Fat Uncle Cheapo’s body is a whose who of malfunction.

Its a magnificent clusterfuck of gargantuan proportions.

Its a cathedral to calamity so to speak.

It looks down at the Communist era industries of West Bengal and says: noobs

It looks down at the 1st World War and says: rookie

It looks down on Syria and says: amateurs

Fat Uncle Cheapo’s body is truly a work of art, a wonder to behold.

As the regular knows, basically everything is wonky poo.

But at the beginning of the year, Cheapo got some new hope, some new inspiration, new support to try and make an effort to get better.

And lo and behold, he was doing it.

He was getting happy, he was thinking so is there a way? Is there a chance? Is there finally some hope?

Fate said – nah.

So what did fate do?

Fate took away his inspiration, his muse, his support.

And along with his muse, went his literary abilities, hopes and dreams.

But that wasn’t the only thing fate did.

Oh no siree

Fate took Cheapo’s leg and turned it into complete Horlicks.

3 months ladies and gentlemen – its been 3 fucking months.

And what has happened in those 3 months?

5 extra tablets a day, heat and cold multiple times a day, ultrasound treatment daily, physiotherapy daily

Result – fuck all and diddly squat.

The pain stays the same.


So what to do now?

Well, there’s always surgery.

But here comes the question – why bother?

After all, when after all these years, people whom you love and care for tell you that you are selfish, illogical, childish, nagging, repeatative, and worst of all that you are useless, that whatever you have done in the last few years, no matter how hard you have tried, its all been for nought; when you learn that your best efforts and all that you have tried to give resulted in nothing, whatever advice, support, help that you gave meant nothing, then it just reinforces your point about why continue.


When you finally realize that all this while you were thinking that you mattered, that you were appreciated, that you had worth, the reality was the opposite.

When you realize that you are worthless, that you are irrelevant and inconsequential and that you have become a burden, a chore to the very people whom you love the most, it makes you ponder about your existence.

Cheapo is a compassionate man. He cares about the humans, the animals, the environment. And being compassionate and caring, Cheapo does not want to harm anybody.

But its evident now that just by existing, Cheapo is harming the people whom he loves the most, plus he is harming the world and environment by producing waste and by consuming valuable resources.

You realize that you have basically become the human black hole for everybody and everything.

And ther’s no changing it.

Look, its become crystal clear that there is not a single person out there, not one in 7 billion, who will lift a finger to help or support Cheapo.

Most dont care a whoot, and even those who do care won’t help Cheapo because its time consuming or because it requires extra effort or because it involves some hard decisions or because they have better things to do or because they are shy or because its too much bother taking one step out of their comfort zones.


So, the end result – no help ever.

No hope, no help = Pain and misery = No need for existence


3 thoughts on “Stupid Pain Stupid Life

  1. You once told me : “Don’t be old before your time.” Now just look at you: wanting to die!
    Enough of this self-denigration crap. Why be a hypocrite? Dying is not in our hands, but if you want to suffer less when alive, it begins with you. Get a grip on it man. Pun intended. Hee :D/36D

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