Happy Feet – Viking Style

Who doesn’t like a penguin?

Well, maybe this guy


And this guy



And this guy


But the rest – they love penguins.

But the Vikings, as usual, took things a bit too far.

In the early 1970s, a young lieutenant from the Norwegian army Nils Egelien fell in love with the penguin colony at Edinburgh zoo. He decided on making one of the king penguins a regimental mascot and honorary member.

Six-year-old Nils is the third penguin to take the role of receiving the honour after the original animal died in the 1980s.

So far so good.

Now, in 2008, he became the shortest knight in history when the Norwegian army gave him a knighthood.

The Norwegian King described Sir Nils as “in every way qualified to receive the honour and dignity of knighthood”.

Colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian army Nils Olav stood to attention as he received a knighthood this morning in front of 30 members of the Norwegian guard at Edinburgh zoo. He waddled out to receive the honour, his belly full of blue whiting fish, and standing at around 2 feet 8 inches high.

Darren McGarry, animal collection manager at the zoo, said: “Nils always recognises the Norwegian guardsmen when they come to visit him. He loves the attention he receives at the ceremony and takes his time inspecting the troops.”




The damn penguin has now been given the new title of Brig Sir Nils Olav.

The honour was bestowed on the animal in a ceremony attended by more than 50 Norwegian soldiers from the unit. The troops are taking part in this year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Barbara Smith, acting chief executive for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said: “We are honoured to host his majesty the king of Norway’s guard as they bestow a prestigious new title upon our king penguin, Sir Nils Olav. It is a very proud moment and represents the close collaboration between our two countries.”


Just think about his street cred!!!!

We have all seen recently how lady penguins love a bit of bunga bunga on the side. And who better to do bunga bunga with than a fricking brigadier!!!!


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