When you see me crying
You should know that I’m dying
You probably can’t see these tears
But the pain is from so many years
The Cheapo gets hurt so bad
That he is miserable and utterly sad
No one listens no one talks
All that people do is humiliate and hurt
The hurt, the pain and anger won’t go away
I wonder who will turn their back today
I can’t explain how I feel inside
Feelings of abandonment rush in like the tide
Memories haunt me no matter where I go
But, I do still love you, that will never go
I wish you could understand
That if I could, I would be there holding your hand
I would take away all your stress and pain
So in the end, you’d have a life to gain
But for me, darkness is all I see
No happiness for this Cheapo will there ever be


3 thoughts on “Crying

  1. Come to Calicut! We’d love the company, and maybe you might like it too. Neethu has this great chocolate dessert she makes, and we promise the food we give you will be sans coconut oil! Come at least for a few days.


  2. It’s not even too hot these days, and there’s an AC in one of the rooms. We’ve decent internet, so you can work from here if you need to. Come come come.


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