Better Off Dead

My pain is too much, it is everywhere,
I wish I could share my feelings, but noone’s there,

I long to talk, but have no one to call,
I feel overwhelmed; in my brain there is a constant brawl,

I scream but there’s no sound, I cry but there’s no tears,
No one is listening, I don’t think anyone cares,

I try to be better, but no one is there to help,
My so called life, would be much better off dead.





5 thoughts on “Better Off Dead

  1. Whatever has happened to your zest for life, the football spirit, munching on a load of chips, spirited defence of why you are a chicken eater and yet an animal lover…and boy-oh-boy your travels far and wide and your gripping narratives of those. There’s more to life and life is anyway what you make of it b’shock. Don’t want to sound prescriptive and pedantic. Take care and be well. Your Hyderabad trip is still pending by the way.


  2. You say “no one’s there”!?
    But you also say, “pain’s everywhere”!

    Perhaps its your pain you should call
    To see there’s indeed no brawl

    There must be silence if no sound
    May be there’s something yet to be found

    Why care about cares or even tears
    Why not just peel off those fathomless fears

    To try to be better you need not someone but your own help
    To see that the so called Life is not just you and yourself
    ….a friend wrote this poem in response to yours b’ shock


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