Over the course of the last 1500 to 2000 years, the Catholic Church have had a lot of enemies, a lot.

Though some of those were of their own making tbh.

There were the ancient Romans who fed them to lions or crufied them…

There were all those factions squabbling against each other and writing gospels left right and center

There were the Goths, Franks, Vikings and Vandals

There was Attila the Hun

There was the great schism with Orthodoxy (something to do with eating Jesus)

There were the Holy Roman Emperors (neither holy, nor Roman, nor techinally emperors)

There was Henry VIII with his love of Bunga Bunga

There was Martin Luther with his hammer

There were the Muslims

Then there was Napoleon and Hitler (with Garibaldi kicking ass in between).

And there was Dan Brown with his Da Vinci Code (pissed off stupid idiots worldwide)

But throughout all that, the Catholic Church, the Vatican endured.


But now, they are under threat from an enemy that is unstoppable, unquenchable, unbeatable. An enemy that has taken over the world.


That’s right, McDonald’s has invaded the Vatican.

Of course, this being the catholic church, some of the priests have welcomed the move wholeheartedly

try_e3ead3_217479 256

A few have protested.

But just like Arsenal in front of Didier Drogba, resistance is futile.

They are McFucked.


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