2016, eh?

The year is almost over.

And it is time for reflections, of remembrance.

For most people, 2016 will be forever etched in memory because of Trump, Brexit, Vlad the Impaler, the European migration, Death and Demonetization, Harambe or for stuff like Leicester’s title or Olympics.


Cheapo, however, is not most people.

Cheapo’s life is an endless series of pain and suffering interrupted by periods of acute misery and melancholy. This year more so.

Well, there were some positives, for example

India 4 England 0, Deadpool, Jeri KO, good times in career (raise and words of appreciation from Mercedes) , Antonio Conte,

the puppies120_0127 Marquis de Barkenzola aka Stupid and Impedimenta aka Idiot

Fluffy McDildoface aka Gudduda the Imbecile

Also, Cheapo met some amazing people this year, one of whom – Subhadra – is now Cheapo’s honorary sister

And then there is GUFF, especially GUFF – https://fatunclecheapo.wordpress.com/2016/12/26/merry-mob-of-motley-misfits-and-moi/

But most importantly, and same as every year for the last decade or so, Cheapo’s life has been blessed through the presence of his best friend Jyotika Khullar. Her presence in his life is always a positive, always. Even in Cheapo’s darkest days, she has been a beacon of hope.


But this being Cheapo’s life, the negatives and the suffering of course outweigh the positives.

And 2016 was no different.

There was

  • The Canadian Catastrophe
  • Dad’s Dental Distress
  • Paisa Problems in Pune
  • Plethora of Pain
  • Organic Impairment
  • Regular Rejections (publishing wise) plus
  • Termination of several friendships
  • Tsunami of Tablets (25 a day, are you shitting me)

10 months of brain treatment with heapo medicines and meditation and exercises resulting in Cheapo being worse at year end when compared to end of 2015

And of course, another year gone, and Cheapo still couldn’t muster up the courage to kill himself.

But worst of all, all indications suggest that this year is likely to be the last year that Jyotika is going to be in Cheapo’s life. She seems to be pissed off and fed up of Cheapo and doesn’t want to do anything with Cheapo anymore. Of all the tragedies in Cheapo’s life, this one is going to hurt the most.

So, no happy new year for Cheapo sad-new-year-quotes-for-alone-people


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