A Lame End

The end is nigh people.

The book is getting closed.

The adventure is about to end.

What is Cheapo talking about?

Lets see.

Cheapo loves travelling. Everyone and their uncle Bob knows it. Cheapo especially loves travelling to historical places. He has made it a mission in life to check out as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible.

And over the years, he did manage to go to quite a number of these sites – around 40/45.

But all that travelling, all those adventures, all that mission – its all coming to an end.


Cheapo has over the years endured a banged up heart, a damaged liver, a deranged brain and a messed up back.

But through all that, at least he could walk.

Well, not anymore.

Not only has https://fatunclecheapo.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/a-nosey-affair/ happened

But his leg has gone wonky poo.

Cheapo damaged his ankle somewhere around August last year. What followed was gallons of medicine and oodles of physiotherapy.

For months and months.

Result – sum total of fuck all and sweet fanny adams.

The pain remains, just as it was all those months ago.

Cheapo is on a sabbatical for work. The idea was to get better. Surgery was planned.

But then things happened, life got in the way.

So he quit medicines and cancelled the surgery.

Result – lameness.

That’s right people, Cheapo is now handicapped.

He can’t walk, he can’t sit, he can’t lie down. So, his travelling days are over.

Bada boom, brokenest guy in the room.

Oh the humanity.


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