Socks, socks, his kingdom for a pair of socks

Ok, maybe not a kingdom…as a republican plebeian proletariat, Cheapo has no kingdom.

The only even remotely valuable thing he has is Gudduda the Imbecile. So, yes he will lend the Gudduda.

Cheapo needs a butler desperately or someone, anyone who can pair socks.

See, Cheapo cannot do some basic fundamental things, like making someone love him, keeping his friends, boiling an egg,  or pairing a sock (of course lately, there is another addition – Cheapo now cannot even walk).

Cheapo is completely incapable of this simple task. Its some block in his brain or something.

It was ok in school as all the socks were white.

But now, its a massacre. Cheapo has about 40-50 socks, none in pair. Cheapo’s sartorial extravaganza now doesn’t reach his socks. You can see him wearing a navy blue and a black or a navy blue and a brown or a black and a brown together. In those rare cases that you might find him with 2 socks of the same colour, they will inevitably be of different sizes and designs. There’s even a grey one, which Cheapo is pretty sure he has never bought…the mind boggles.

So, Cheapo needs a butler……or on second thoughts maybe not…..given Fate’s, Life’s, Destiny’s and Mother Nature’s endearing habit to continuously kick Cheapo in his bollocks, it is better not to have a butler. The guy would probably steal all of the Cheapo’s socks.

Hell, the last time Cheapo said he needed someone, he apparently disturbed, distressed, embarrassed humiliated and insulted them so much that they ran away.

On third thoughts, and now that the Cheapo thinks about it, maybe his not being able to walk anymore is a blessing.

If Cheapo can’t walk, Cheapo doesn’t need socks!


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