Bring back Human Sacrifice

Ah democracy!

It has struck again.

Though truth be told its more vote bank politics than democracy, but vote bank politics is a side effect of the disease of democracy.

So its all democracy’s fault. Don’t agree?

George W Bush, Trump, Brexit, Kejriwal, Muslim Brotherhood, Failure of Colombian Peace Accord, CPIM are all children of democracy.

And so are caste based reservations and triple talaq.

And so is the continuing practice of FGM, one of the vilest acts known to man.

When the Athenians first thought of democracy, they never even dreamt about universal franchise. In their version of democracy the majority were disqualified because of poverty, age, gender or freedom.

Cheapo does not believe in that kind of discrimination. Rather, people should be disqualified from voting because of their IQ.

Basically, stupid idiots don’t get to vote.

But alas, no political party will go for it because they all love the imbecilic human sheep whom they can control.

So, we are stuck with “people power”.

The Jallikattu clusterfuck is a perfect example of stupidity, idiocy, people power and vote bank politics.

Jallikattu is apparently a thousands of years old traditional sports of bull taming performed during Pongal in Tamil Nadu.

Its somewhat similar to the Pampolona bull run in Spain, but much more uncouth.

It basically entails forcing the bull to drink alcohol and then rubbing chilly powder in their eyes and sadistically twisting their tails to make them run. And when they run, dozens of imbeciles will pounce on them and take them down.

And to think that bulls are supposed to be demigods in Hindu religion.

Animal rights activists had been trying to ban it for a long time and a couple of years ago, they succeeded. The Supreme Court banned the barbaric activity.

Que – people power and democracy

Hordes and hordes of Tamils descended on the streets around Tamil Nadu demanding that:

  • The ban on Jallikattu be lifted
  • PETA be banned

The basis for their demands?

  1. Tradition
  2. Tamil identity
  3. Survival of Indian bulls
  4. Conspiracy by the western powers

Hanuman wept!

The conspiracy thing is too tin-foiled to deserve comment.

Tamils have always been a bit insular so no wonder they think that they are the preservers of Indian bulldom. Just come North mates, you will see Indian bulls by the thousands. If you go and claim that the bulls are extinct, first you will be met with hoots of laughter and then you will be skinned alive on suspicion of being a bull killer.

Never mind the Kasmiris, there are 3 groups of Indians who have a perennial victim mentality – Assamese, Kannadas and Tamils. They have been whining and moaning about how everybody is against them and how the center never helps them and is always against them blah blah blah.

Two of those might have rooms for complaint, the Tamils really don’t.

Most of the ones demonstrating on the roads were students (a group notorious for being imbeciles…just imagine a protest by Fluffy McDildoface aka Gudduda the Imbecile…the mind boggles), layabouts, never do wells and villagers.

And of course politicians. We have the ruling party’s factions, the opposition, the anti-Indian fringes and the ultra left naxalites all stoking the embers and unleashing violence.

Finally, we come to traditions.

Ah traditions – the perennial excuse for atrocities.

All those who are trumpeting about traditions need to remember some of the other acts that used to be ‘traditions’ in India.


Child marriage

Human sacrifice

There were huge resistance from the ‘people’ when these were first abolished, they were traditions after all.

The very same argument that the Jallikattu supporters are raving about.

Naturally, due to vote bank politics and ‘democracy’ the government made ordinances to overturn the ban. Jallikattu was held – 3 people died.

It was a resounding success.

So, let’s bring human sacrifice back eh? Not only will we uphold our tradition, but we will also appease the gods .

Moreover, it may finally do something about India’s over population.

So a win win win situation.


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