Mann ki Baat

Last Sunday Cheapo was surfing television channels when all of a sudden he found out our esteemed Prime Minister Mr. Modi delivering his latest mann ki baat speech.

And what he said resonated with the Cheapo.

It was a message to the gargantuan hordes of students who are going to take exams in the next 2-3 months (this is annual exam season here in India).

He just told the kids to not worry too much.

‘Don’t worry, be happy’ for all practical purposes.

Exams are not the end of the world and in the grand scheme of things, what your results in school or college are won’t matter a jot.


Scores of stupid idiots commit suicide or run away from home after failing in their exams. Hell, some do those even before the exams, during the exams and before the results come in. Because of parental or societal pressure these kids think that these exams are everything and any setback or failure in these exams are going to destroy their lives.

Take it from Cheapo kids.

Cheapo is a failure per excellence. He is worse than the Brooklyn Brawler when it comes to success. You name it, Cheapo has failed in it.

But to the great chagrin of his ‘friends’, Cheapo is still standing (well metaphorically at least, his leg’s gone badaboom).

So what advice will Cheapo give to the kids?

The same advice Alfred gave to Bruce Wayne – “Endure”.

What seems like the most important thing now will be nothing but a speck of dust in a full lifetime.  So keep calm and carry on my dear kiddies.

This too shall pass.


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