I Disappear

Drowning in darkness, how did I end up here?
I tried to be worthy, so why won’t you care?
No one bothers to pull me up, none wipes away my tear,
Despite all the promises, in my time of need, you disappear.
You have your loved ones and comfort zones, but I am not invited within,
Unloved, uncared, unseen, unheard, I fade away from air.
Maybe if I just disappear from this world,
Will you then finally hear?
Or will you just carry on as before?
With all memories of me wiped clear?
For a long time, being forgotten was one of my fears
I tried so hard to be a better man, to be called a dear
But alas, I know now that you wont ever call me near
I guess I was too much of a burden and a hassle to bear,
So how did I end up all alone, replaced everywhere?
Is death going to be my only hope, in this world here.

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