Please don’t Leave Me

I know I said the wrong things
Things you didn’t expect 
Hurtful words about the man you love
That caused our relationship to get wrecked

I know that I don’t have a space in your heart
That am not worthy you’ve revealed
So my sadness and misery when you are with him
I probably have no right to feel

I know you don’t wan’t me in your life
That interacting with me is a chore
So I shouldn’t feel broken and defeated
When I don’t hear from you anymore

But if I could give you one thing in life
It would be the chance to see yourself with my eyes
To make you realize what you mean to me
And that my love isn’t based on lies

I promise I will try harder
I’ll smile even if inside am broken
I’ll learn to say the right things
If that’s what it takes for you to remain

Don’t leave me please, don’t abandon me
In this darkness unknown
Even if am surrounded by a billion people
Without you, I am all alone.


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