Lost Friendship

None could’ve predicted that we’d be best friends
None would’ve foreseen that on you how much I depend
Well, I should have known that it wouldn’t last
That now am just like a barnacle dragging you to the past
I remember the times when we laughed and shared all
I thought we are best friends but that is my fault
I must have been lacking, I must have been wrong
I wasn’t the friend to you that you were to me all along
I know I have failed you when you were in need
Now what I have to offer is worthless indeed
I tried so hard to get better and keep us strong
But now I know that in your life I no longer belong
When I finally got the nerve to tell you how you make me feel
You will never accept me you did reveal
You are now engrossed in someone who is not worth your time
It’s my fault for not realizing that you will never be “mine”
Its such a tragedy that our friendship is lost
Now my life lies entombed under frost.


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