You had One Job

We all know that the OSCARS lost all credibility forever when they failed to nominate Deadpool.

But now they have also lost the plot…well Price Water House Coopers has, but you know.

The PWC employees at the Oscars pretty much had just one job – to hand out the correct envelopes. However, in a supreme feat of imbecility they fucked up.

This is a bottle job on par with General Custer at Little Big Horn, Napoleon in Russia, Arsenal in Europe, Jeremy Corbyn, the zookeepers who shot poor old Harambe, Fluffy McDildoface aka Gudduda the Monotesticular Imbecile’s love life and well….Fat Uncle Cheapo’s suicide attempts (yes yes Cheapo knows, he is such a waste of oxygen and such a loser that he can’t even kill himself…have patience, remember practice makes perfect).

Everyone knows of this botch by now…well, everyone who has access to tv/internet and follows Hollywood.

But that wasn’t the only botch of the night.

This was more of a classical crapazoid.

And there you have it folks, this level of stupidity just proves that truth is weirder than fiction.


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