Oh Venezuela!

How the mighty have fallen.

Now, only the glorious Commie democracy of North Korea remains as an utopia for the Commies.

Unless you are an imbecile like my bro Fluffy McDildoface aka Gudduda the monotesticular pant pisser, you follow world news. And if you follow world news, you know that the Commie government of Venezuela has created a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

With inflation in the high triple-digits, shortages of the most basic medicines, and millions suffering food scarcity, the country is undergoing a major crisis. bear in mind that Venezuela is an oil exporting country.

Protests and clashes with the security forces have been going on for weeks. Casualties are also piling up. The protesters used rocks, petrol bombs and the forces used tear gas and occasionally bullets.

New strategies for the clashes was needed.

And some genius came up with the poopootov – “They have gas; we have excrement” – the plan is to use put feces, both animal and human, in containers and then throw them at the forces.

When the peaceful commies of the Soviet Union invaded Finland, the Finns invented the molotov cocktail. The poopootov is a variation of that, designed to humiliate not hurt.

Messages have been going viral on Venezuelan WhatsApp groups giving step-by-step instructions and advice on putting together the poopootov cocktails.

“The kids go out with just stones. That’s their weapon. Now they have another weapon: excrement,” said a 51-year-old dentist preparing containers of feces in her home for protesters to launch at authorities.

“They use their weapons against us, so people are using what they have,” said lawmaker Rafael Guzmán.


You do know what our simian brethren do when they are agitated, don’t you.

See, nature always has the answer.


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