Exercising Naked (NSFW)

Exercising is good for everybody. Your body becomes fitter, your mind becomes fresher and you can buy new clothes and feel better.

Of course  none of that applies to Cheapo since he has given up, but for people who still have hopes, dreams and want to live a full life, exercises are a must.

And the only proper way to exercise is to do it naked.

The advantages for naked exercise are numerous. When you are naked, you can see every part of your body; it helps enormously in checking out the muscle movements.

Release the Toxin 
The human skin needs air to breathe. So, when you wear clothes while exercising you are actually weakening your skin by way of reabsorbing the toxins that are released from your body through sweat glands. So in essence, being naked allows your body to release those toxins that would otherwise be contained.

Burn the Calories
You can burn more calories since you weigh a little lighter without clothes on. You’re not lifting as much and you’re not heavier, so your body is more flexible. Therefore you would be able to do more during your exercise.

Flow the Blood 
Working out in tight clothes does not allow your blood to flow properly. Working out naked does.

Its All Cool
Wearing clothes when you work out can makes you hot and sweaty. Working out naked will allow your body to stay cool longer.

Any workout routine can be performed naked. However, there are some exercises that are really enhanced when being done while in the nude. For instance :

Isometric exercises– Isometric exercises work multiple groups of muscles at the same time and you can see the complete muscle contractions when naked.
Full body exercises– These exercises showcase your entire physique and include exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups.

What are you waiting for?


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