Vive le Weird

The world is weird.

Humans are weirder.

The French are weirdest.

Don’t believe Cheapo?

Ok, let’s see, some of you are fathers, some mothers; some have sons, some have daughters.

So, imagine if you will your 15 year old daughter happily in school, slowly getting under the sexual influence of a male teacher in their 40s. How are you going to feel?

Cheapo believes that it is called grooming and it constitutes pedophilia.

Apart from liberal utopias like Saudi Arabia, pedophilia is a crime in every civilized nation in the world nowadays. In Cheapo’s mind, it is the worst crime a Homo Sapien can perform. The 2nd worst – animal abuse.

Hell, Cheapo will gladly give up his freedom and live under a malevolent dictatorship if it means that all children and animals can be safe.

Of course, some would argue about the legal age and age of consent; in some countries it is 18, in some 17, some 16, some 15. So how can you judge, human rights, amnesty blah blah

Look, its one thing if a say 19 year old is boinking a 17 year old, or two 16 year old classmates boinking each other. As long as both want to boink and are using protection, let them boink.

However, its a completely different matter when a teenager is seduced by a 40 year old.

Moreover, having been a teenager at one point of time and having lived with and worked with teenagers and people barely out of their teens, Cheapo is of the firm unshakable opinion that human beings below 20 are imbeciles and thus make bad decisions. So, the age of consent worldwide should be at least 20.

In Europe the average is 16…with only Turkey, Malta and the Vatican having it at 18. Go figure.

In India, it is 18; in Japan and South Korea it is 13.  Japan is bonkers, we all know that, you would be too if you have to live under atom bombs, ninjas and Godzilla. But, what the fuck South Korea?

[In Bangladesh it is 14; so all you Bangal loving East Bengal fans, if you have a 14 year old daughter, a 70 year old can happily and legally boink her. Sonar Bangla right?]

It should be 20 everywhere but in most normal nations is hovers between 16 and 18.

Hell, even in most of Africa it is either 16 or 18. South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda – 18

In France – 15.

In France, it is perfectly ok for a 40 year old man to enter into a relationship with a 15 year old girl.

And if its the reverse? A 40 year old woman and a 15 year old boy?

Well, then the French elect him President.

Cheapo is not bothered about the age difference – he has no problem with a 30 and 60 year old boinking each other. Live and let boink is Cheapo’s motto.

But, as Cheapo already stated, teenagers are a nono.

And when its a teacher, a person entrusted to take care of a young person and save them from exploitation, then its just evil.

Well, its evil in normal countries.

The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys do things differently.

Vive le Weird.


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