Views and opinions of plebeian, proletariat, pacifist, patriotic, philosophical philistine Cheapo. If they piss you off, then you are a stupid idiot who will get on the LIST. No point suing Cheapo, Cheapo is penniless.

Cheapo likes history, mystery, food, travel, wrestling, football and animals. Over the years he has adopted/taken care of 2 elephants, 1 pony, a pigeon couple, a large number of fish, 2 kittens, about 15 dogs and Fluffy McDildoface aka Gudduda the Monotesticular Imbecile.

And yes, Cheapo knows that the prevalent, popular opinion among Cheapo’s friends is that Cheapo should kill himself asap. Patience dear people, patience.  653a8d54a484c17b3314ad6ac67cfb85


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